Senate Democrat Backs Marco Rubio's VA Reform Bill, Unions Won't Be Too Happy

Senator Marco Rubio recently filed his VA Management Accountability Act calls for the Veteran’s Administration to provide more “accountability for itself after reports have surfaced about the department’s backlog of disability benefits, and the growing toll of 31 preventable veteran deaths at VA medical facilities around the country, including the hospital in Miami, Florida.”

Liberal Democrat Senator and “Big Amigo” to President Obama, broke his silence on the bill by giving  a definitive “Yes” answer when we asked him directly if he would be supporting Rubio’s VA reform bill.

 By agreeing to the bill, Nelson becomes  the first Democrat in the entire Congress to buck big government and federal unions, by committing support to a bill that calls for the VA’s to clean up its act.

 Watch Nelson’s full remarks about the Veteran’s Administration’s problems: