Florida Conservatives Threatened For Opposing Jack Latvala's Illegal Immigration Bill

The Florida Senator Jack Latvala’s  pro-illegal immigration law, SB1400, which would grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens, would pass if it made it to  the Senate floor for a vote, but the Senate’s budget chairman has said that he would block the bill.

  Here is Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron (R-Stuart) smacked down of Latvala’s bill: 

“In-state tuition discounts should, in my view, be reserved for legal residents of Florida,” Negron wrote. “Florida law does not prohibit students who are undocumented from accessing our state colleges and universities. Once these students favorably resolve their residency status, they could become eligible for in-state tuition.”-OS

 This bill is causing some of its supporters to act more like liberal AFL-CIO thugs, as threats are now being levied against some Conservatives who do not support Latvala’s pro-amnesty for illegal aliens bill. A couple of conservative activists opposed to Latvala’s bill, who asked us to keep their names out of this story (for obvious reason), are alleging that pro-Latvala forces have threatened them.


The threats are said to be carried out through third parties, by supporters of Latvala, and are warning these Conservatives, that if they openly oppose the SB1400, they can expect to be attacked by paid liberal bloggers, and quite possibly some main street reporters, who would implement character assignations against them and their families.


 In addition, the attacks will not stop at those particular conservatives, but against any and all of their business relationships, in an effort to destroy their reputations for their association with those who opposing Latvala’s bill. Could there also be a Charlie Crist angle here?


 This kind of character assassination is nothing new in the Tampa Bay area. One of the threatened activists says that she knows, but will not openly name some of the usual suspects, who have all been huge supporters of Crist in the past.


 She also alleges that some are still supporting the Houdini of Florida politics over Republican Rick Scott.