Dr. Milton Wolf And the Tea Party Express Take Kansas By Storm

Dr. Milton Wolf And the Tea Party Express Take Kansas By Storm

The Tea Party Express “Fighting For Liberty” tour rolled into Wichita, late Sunday afternoon and Olathe Monday morning, to rally conservative troops for the 2014  elections. There was a crowd of about 250 people in attendance at the Wichita rally – slightly fewer at the Olathe event – the crowd possibly depressed by the cold and dank weather. At both events, the vets in attendance were invited to come up on stage at the end of the rally to receive a musical tribute by the Tea Party Express musicians – the Rivoli Revue.


Speakers at both rallies included Wayne Dupree, Scottie Hughes, Charles C. Johnson, comedian Jim Labriola, Dr. Gina Loudon, and Diana Nagy. 


The keynote speaker at both events was conservative candidate (and Obamacare foe) Dr. Milton Wolf who is challenging Senator Pat Roberts in the Kansas Senate primary race. Introducing Wolf both times, was the young, conservative State legislator, Rep. Josh Powell. 


Dr. Wolf had an impressive political stump speech and seemed to relish throwing out the red meat.

“They’ve said a lot of things about me and I just want to get one thing out in the open,” he said, referring to the some of the bad press his campaign has gotten in the past few months. “I want to confess one thing to you, today,” he said. “What they say about me is true. Barack Obama and I – are cousins. But I’m here to tell you that you cannot choose your family.”

He later said, “it’s nothing personal – I just think that Barack Obama is the worst president in our lifetimes. In fact, I think he might be the worst president in our history.”


Wolf is also critical of DC establishment Republicans who are not willing to put up a fight against the Democrats’ big government onslaught.  

“I have been a Republican my entire life, and I have been loyal to our party – but the problem is, our party, has not been loyal to its own principles. Our party has failed us – that is why I’m running.”

He continued, “the career Republican politicians in Washington – they all say the same thing. ‘We just need to elect more Republicans – we just need more people with R’s after their names and all will be right with the world.’ They must think we’re fools. They must think we can’t remember the 2000’s because we tried it their way and they failed miserably. You know, America entrusted out party, the Republicans, with the leadership of this country. They gave the Republicans the White House, and the House of Representatives and the US Senate, and even the US Supreme Court. And what did we get in return? They gave us the largest expansion in history until a guy named  Barack Obama came along. They gave us the largest growth in spending, the largest  growth in the debt, they gave us no bureaucrat left behind in our schools, the largest expansion of Medicare in the program’s history, and they even banned the light-bulb. And these were the Republicans. These are the people who today, call themselves conservatives. I’m tired of losing to Democrats – but I’m even more tired of Republicans who act like Democrats,” he exclaimed. 


He said his challenge to Senator Pat Roberts who he has voted for in the past, is nothing personal. “In fact, I’ve voted for him for as long as I can remember. I think that’s part of the problem. You know, Pat Roberts has been in Washington for 47 years. I don’t think anybody should be in Washington for 47 years. I don’t think Moses himself should be in Washington for 47 years. God expected him to have things straightened out in 40,” he declared.


He brought up some of Senator Roberts’ more controversial votes – including his vote to put Kathleen Sebelius in charge of HHS. 

“I think there’s a reason why he did that, Wolf suggested. “You and I know that Kathleen Sebelius has been an absolute disaster in Washington. Those of us who actually live in Kansas, know that she was an absolute disaster in Kansas! And if Pat Roberts actually lived in Kansas, he would have known that too!” He exclaimed.

“Pat Roberts did not live in Kansas for the 18 years before he moved to Washington. He’s living today in his home in Alexandria, VA. that he purchased in 1975. That is his home,” Wolf explained. 

“The first address he used when he ran for the US Congress was a vacant lot in Dodge City, KS. He has never lived in this town  he calls his hometown of Dodge City, Kansas. He comes to our state today and says he owns a home in Kansas, but he’s not telling the whole story. He owns a rental property in Kansas. He does not live there. Kansans live in that home. He is the landlord not the resident.”

He continued, “as soon as I got in the race, he knew he had a residency problem. Not until  October of 2013, after the man had been in Washington for 47 years, he started renting a room from a donor on a golf course in Dodge City and he calls it his home,” Milton said.

When asked about this, Roberts famously said, “I have full access to the recliner.”


Like Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Milton Wolf says he was also targeted by the IRS. It happened in 2010, after he went public with his opposition to Obama’s policies. He spoke briefly about it at the Wichita rally.

At RedState he explained what happened in detail,  “we filed our personal income taxes, we were eligible for a refund, and the refund simply didn’t come.”

 Weeks turned to months and no one from the IRS could explain why. Finally, after numerous inquiries, an IRS taxpayer advocate informed us that they were looking into our refund and described the situation as “unusual” and “very strange” but couldn’t explain it.

After months of this, the IRS finally did send us our refund, and they even paid us interest on it. How often does the IRS pay interest to a citizen? Yet, to this day, after the taxpayer advocate confessed that she had never seen a case like ours, the IRS still could not or would not offer an explanation.
He also noted that at around that same time, his medical practice was audited, receiving in the end, a clean bill of health.

Most egregious of all –  the White House actually tried to get him fired from the Washington Times where he had been writing a conservative column that was highly critical, not only of ObamaCare, but of Barack Obama himself. 

Wolf is a proponent of the Fair Tax, and term limits. He said he is not interested in being a career politician and would limit himself to two terms. 

He believes there should be no surrender on ObamaCare and has a favorite health care proposal in mind to replace it with – his own plan, called, “PatientCare” which you can read about here.

I asked him what he thought about Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers’ recent comments about ObamaCare being “here to stay,” and he sighed, “like I said earlier – I’m tired of losing to Democrats, but I’m more tired of Republicans who act like Democrats. Get up and fight!”

Here is the entire speech with Rep. Powell’s introduction:


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