Sorry Barack, But Al Qaeda Is Still Alive and Kicking

Contrary to what President Obama and his administration would like you to
believe, but Al Qaeda is alive and well, and are plotting to target foreign
dignitaries and assets.

The Saudis has supposedly “uncovered an Al Qaeda militant group”
with several dozen associates, and links to the terrorism hubs of Syria and

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said a probe into
social media postings, “led security forces after months of hard work to
pinpoint suspicious activities that unveiled a terrorist organization through
which the elements of Al Qaeda in Yemen were communicating with their
counterpart elements in Syria in coordination with a number of misguided
(people) at home in various provinces of the kingdom.”

Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have been emboldened by the weakness
U.S. foreign policy that has been projected since 2008.