Michael Sam: The NFL's 'Get A Room' Moment

When did the NFL  an organization successful because of overgrown albeit very talented testosterone filled boys / men become such a weenie organization? 

Answer: When political correctness becomes the norm. Let me get this straight if nobody supposed to care whether a man kisses a man or man kisses a woman then why the reaction when a player tweets what they feel about it. Michael Sam and his partner played to the cameras for approximately 5 minutes. Hey America, there have been gay NFL players since the NFL’s been around. It’s the biggest no one gives a damn … not so secret issue. 

If this is now the case there should be a fine on just about every down played in the NFL based on what players say to each other on the line and maybe throw the other players game off. Is there now going to be a separate set of rules and a special flag in the referees hand for Michael Sam et. al. in case of some perceived insult?

Is this is the route the NFL’s going to take. I guess gay is the new black on or off the field. For crying out loud, just play football. 


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