Lindsey Graham: Susan Rice's Benghazi Story Has 'Completely Collapsed – She Should Resign'

Leading Republican Senators have taken another look at  National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s initial account of the Benghazi attack in the wake of recently released documents, and have found that her story has “completely collapsed.” 

While most critics of Rice’s Sunday talk show appearances have focused on her false claim that the attacks sprung out of protests over an anti-Mohammed Youtube video, Rice also wrongly claimed the United States “obviously did have a strong security presence” at the compound as it was being attacked by Ansar al-Sharia.

“She’s frustrated this won’t go away,” Senator Graham  said at on Capitol Hill, according to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, Thursday. “She’s frustrated that she appeared on national television and told a story about Benghazi that has absolutely collapsed.”

This renewed scrutiny comes a day after Rice appeared to discount a question on whether the congressional select committee investigation would reveal new evidence. “Danged if I know,” Rice said in response to the question Wednesday.

Republicans have zeroed in on a question asked by “Fox News Sunday’s” Chris Wallace on September 16, 2012: “Should U.S. security have been tighter at that consulate given the history of terror activity in Benghazi?” 

Rice responded by erroneously linking the presence of former Navy Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty to consulate security, “well, we obviously did have a strong security presence. And, unfortunately, two of the four Americans who died in Benghazi were there to provide security.” 

Graham and Ayotte said the administration — whether it was the White House or State Department — should explain who briefed Rice on the consulate’s security status, and the individual or individuals should be fired. And if nobody briefed her on that, Graham said, she should resign.

“They’re completely incompetent, or they were misleading her about the level of security because we were six weeks before an election, or she made it up on her own. And if she just made this up and talked about the level of security without any information and just wanted to portray strong security, then she should resign,” Graham said.

But Republicans lawmakers should know by now, that for Obama to hold Susan Rice accountable, he would have to admit she did something wrong in the first place, and to admit she did something wrong, would reflect poorly on Obama himself, since he not only defended her throughout the subterfuge – he gave her a promotion. He, and the media gatekeepers who allowed the Regime to nearly run out the clock on Benghazi, have nothing to gain from admitting malfeasance on the part of anyone.

Besides – admitting wrongdoing is seen as a sign of weakness and retreat in a White House obsessed with winning the ongoing NWOR (National War On Republicans) – the only war this president is serious about fighting.