Obama and his leadership style or lack of it

Obama and his leadership style or lack of it

Obama was sold as the smartest man in the room to the American people who would be accountable, transparent, but most of all 21st century competent to lead. 

In fact as I have said that since inauguration day 2009 on Fox after researching President Obama from college to presidency is someone who doesn’t evolve and grow as most people do in life. He’s more the person who absorbed what he read in his socialist like upbringing under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis, Professor Derrick Bell and guided by others on the far left of the political spectrum. 

He repeatedly finds out about scandals in news reports which contradicts the idea of the presidential daily briefing which every president gets. 

We in part have to believe that his advisers and his staff run the country while he tweets out pictures of himself and VP Joe Biden running suited up and looking good to a meeting at the White House.

Obama is now obvious incompetence reflects even the lack of success in his community organizing days where for short time it appears there are successes but in the long run there are no real solutions. 

The president and I are relatively the same age and have similar color skin due to the accident of our birth and we each made choices. I chose to evolve and expand and continue to expand who I am but it appears Obama sent more of a fixed point in time and belief and in capabilities. He is simply not the smartest most competent man in the room. 

A smart man is usually right and an intelligent man knows he’s not right all the time and therefore works hard to be better and more successful. In this manner and you don’t have to market yourself the results will exist for others to see.