Republicans Being Outed As Cheats During 2012 Redistricting

The ongoing lawsuit in Florida regarding the maps drawn up in the 2012 redistricting process continues to sizzle, as more and more information about who knew what, and did what, is being brought out in court everyday.

We now know that one GOP aide leaked the maps prior to their release to a friend of his. Now the divulging of secret meeting and deleted emails regarding redistricting, are casting a darker shadow on the Republicans put in charge of steering the process fairly.

“I’m not sure I know how to delete emails… and if they were deleted it was “not by me.”-Florida Senate President Don Gaetz (R)There are also some 583 documents of something that some consultant says should not be release in court, and if they are, should be sealed and the courtroom closed.

Don’t act surprise when you hear that court in Florida has called for a do-over of the 2012 redistricting process.

Expect heads to roll. Stay tuned…