Google Commemorates Environmental Hysteria and Mass Killing

Google, which has been notoriously slow to recognize such holidays as Easter, decided today was a day worthy of commemoration with a cryptic little “doodle” on their home page:

Rachel Louise Carson's 107th Birthday  

Clicking on this image reveals that it’s a salute to the 107th birthday of Rachel Carson, the dishonest environmentalist hysteric whose propaganda tract, “Silent Spring,” killed more people that almost any other event in human history.  Carson’s poisonous injection of junk science wiped out millions of lives after the pesticide DDT was banned, in a fusion of cooked data and political muscle that has become depressingly familiar in the modern era.

I guess it would be a lot to ask Google to commemorate the endless victims of “Silent Spring,” which ultimately had very little to do with protecting the birds Google presents her as patron saint of.  It’s apparently too much to ask politicized pop-culture historians to even admit there was anything wrong with what Carson did; the “consensus” of the butchered history taught to our young people is that we’re better off with deadly strains of malaria that wipe out a sea of faceless people in the Third World than DDT.  Leftist environmentalists won’t even admit a mistake was made, and they get very angry when the human death toll is mentioned.

Here’s a long-ago blog post I wrote about “Silent Spring,” building from an email exchange with a friend of mine who didn’t know the story.  I was wrong about Carson’s death toll in my introductory paragraph – she’s top-ten for sure among mass exterminators of human life, and probably top five, but she’s not Number One.  The rest of it holds up well, and I’d wager a lot of it will come as a profound surprise to anyone fed the sanitized “Silent Spring” story in school, not to mention distressingly familiar to anyone following the current-day misadventures of radical Greens and their Church of Global Warming.