Josh Earnest Suggests That Cantor's Opposition To Obama's Policies Is What Did Him In

On Air Force One, today, Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest took questions from reporters about House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning loss, yesterday, and after admitting that he is not “an expert in Republican primary politics,” he went on to prove it.

“I do think that this outcome does provide some evidence to indicate that the strategy of opposing nearly everything and supporting hardly anything is not just a bad governing strategy, it is not a very good political strategy either,” principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One, after stipulating  “that he was not an expert in Republican primary politics,” in the words of the print pool reporter on the trip.

That’s right. Earnest thinks that the conservative base that came out to vote in the VA Republican primary would have been more impressed with Cantor if he had worked with Obama more on issues like say –  immigration. 

“Majority Leader Cantor campaigned very aggressively against common sense, bipartisan immigration reform but yet in the analysis there are some who suggest that his election was a key to getting immigration reform done,” Earnest said. “I am not quite sure how people have reached that conclusion. It is the view of the White House that there is support all across the country for common sense bipartisan immigration reform.”

Let me explain it to Josh Earnest who is either joshing or completely earnest – it’s hard to say.

Conservatives weren’t fooled by Cantor’s “aggressive” campaigning against immigration reform, because they knew he was supporting immigration reform behind the scenes. That is what did him in. 

When the Obama White House, early on, tried to brand the Republican party as “the Party of No,” I said Republicans should welcome that label and proudly wear it like a badge of honor. 

The Republican base wants an opposition party protecting our freedoms by fighting the increasingly unconstitutional, dictatorial, and criminal actions of this rogue president. The last thing we want to see is a Republican party that compromises with tyranny.