Another Reason Not to Support Transparency of Political Donations

This week on Tom Brokaw’s nationally syndicated radio commentary, “An American Story,” he suggested that there be a website that lists all campaign/political donors.  It’s the latest in the phony calls for transparency from those on the Left and in the media.  It sounds good, but in the current climate of retaliation against conservatives it’s disastrous.

Here’s the latest story to illustrate why:

Civilian senior management officials at Eglin Air Force base in Eglin, Florida, were reportedly under fire recently after a union representing federal employees took issue with their public support for “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson.

According to conservative commentator Todd Starnes, the local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees took aim at the two employees for putting “I Support Phil” decals on their personal vehicles.

The union also said that one of the senior officials displayed a decal in his office and offered one to a subordinate who apparently objected.

“The BUE (bargaining union employee) was clearly offended and disgusted that a senior management official would display the decal on their pod,” read an email that Alan Cooper, executive vice president of the local union chapter, purportedly sent to members.

Cooper, who reportedly also wrote that the decals could be a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, told Starnes that the union is offended over the senior officials’ actions, considering the power and sway they have in hiring and management.

“These two particular individuals have a great amount of influence over individuals who may be gay, who may be African-American,” Cooper said. “And we have a concern they should not be in a position to exert that influence when it comes to promotions.”

The union leader added that he wants the two senior civilian employees removed from their positions, Starnes reported.

One of these individuals, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that union members took pictures of his license plate and truck and sent them to hundreds of members. He also described his motivation for the decal, saying that he’s “pro-family” and “pro-life.”

Thankfully, the Air Force base found that they were within their rights to have these stickers.  

Transparency would give the Left a list to target any person who donates to conservative organizations or candidates.  They have no qualms with going after people at their workplace or home in order to shame them into submission or unemployment.  

And if shame doesn’t work, there’s always the IRS.