Democrats Beat Campaign Finance Drum for Mid-Terms Messaging, Not Principle

Even a more or less Democrat-friendly publication like Politico can completely disguise the purely political nature of Democrats continuing to beat the drum of campaign finance reform …. all the while benefiting from the same form of big donations they are seeking to pin solely on Republicans.

Senate Democrats reintroduced transparency regulation on Tuesday that would rein in the ability of donors to give anonymously as part of an election year messaging broadside around campaign finance reform. 

It’s part of a major focus by Democrats and their allies on the issue of campaign finance in the run-up to the midterm elections — painting Republicans as in the pocket of big donors and corporate interests.

Not only do they acknowledge it as primarily an election year messaging effort,  one need only read down a bit to see what a hypocrite is the Koch-obsessed Harry Reid given his continued tirades in the Senate. Don’t look for him to take on the left-leaning Democracy Alliance anytime soon – or to do anything other than talk when it comes to the cash cow of a Democrat money machine in the room.

He most recently declared the two brothers as leaders of a money-in-politics cult. “Instead of being a religious movement or a secret sect, this is a cult of money, influence and self-serving politics,” Reid said recently. “This is the cult of Koch.”

But the Kochs are not the only big anonymous spenders on politics. Major liberal donors organized under the umbrella of the Democracy Alliance have increasingly become an important part of the Democratic money network.

Asked about the increasing involvement of Democratic donors in anonymous money groups, Whitehouse said the proposed rules should apply to everyone — but that liberals and Democrats shouldn’t play by separate rules in today’s environment.