'DWS' Fundraising At Expense of Sarah Palin

Seems as if the Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) and the
rest of the lefties in the Democrat Party, are a tad bit upset that Sarah Palin
and other Republicans care talking about possibly impeaching Presidente Barack

In a fundraising email to her ‘peeps,’ Wasserman Schultz
says that Republicans impeachment strategy “is the height of crass”
and “partisan cynicism.”

Wasserman Schultz adds that the GOP knows that Obama “hasn’t
committed high crimes and misdemeanors,” and this is just a ploy by them
to “distract voters from their radical agenda.”

I think what she is trying to say is, Republicans are
doing exactly what the Democrats are doing, deflect away from the bigger, more
damaging issue.

In the case of the Democrats, Obamacare is proving to the
their 10-ton anchor that is wrapped around their necks.