Obama's Iraq narratives contradicted by the Pentagon, intelligence community, and Obama

Flailing for any excuse to get himself off the hook, our teenage President tried blaming the intelligence community for under-selling the menace of ISIS to him.  Nope, says the Pentagon – we knew how dangerous they were, and warned the President early and often.

Well, says Obama, it’s no big deal that I pulled all the American troops out of Iraq, because we can take care of ISIS with airstrikes.  Nope, says the Pentagon – airstrikes have “slowed” the terror state’s “operational tempo and temporarily disrupted their advances toward the province of Erbil,” but they’re not going to weaken ISIS’ grip on territory they’ve already seized.  (“How temporarily do you think the advance of the head-choppers has been disrupted?” everyone in Erbil asks nervously…)

At least we’ve saved those thousands of Yazidis stranded on the side of a mountain, and teetering on the verge of genocide, right?  Nope, they’re still there.  Evacuation is proceeding very slowly, and they’re not getting all of the relief supplies we’ve sent them.  According to some accounts, supplies have actually been lost because they were dropped without parachutes, or dropped into areas where the Yazidis could not safely recover them.

As for Obama’s astounding claim today that he really wanted to keep troops in Iraq – a statement I think history will judge to be a low point for the American presidency, an utterly pathetic attempt to evade responsibility that drew barks of astonished laughter from even Obama-supporting media figures – nobody does a better job of demolishing that claim than Barack Obama himself, captured in a devastating video montage from the Washington Free Beacon:

Another fun little bit of Memory Hole-worthy history is that Obama sent the Liar of Benghazi, Susan Rice, to Congress to request the repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq, just three weeks ago.  That’s hardly the act of a President who understands the deadly threat posed by the Islamic State.  

The White House says it has all the authority it needs to bomb ISIS thanks to the War Powers Act… but operations launched under that Act are limited to no more than 60 days.  Nobody, but nobody, thinks the ISIS problem will be resolved within sixty days.  That means citing the War Powers Act is a charade, a lie.  When it comes to Obama statements on Iraq, the truth is in shorter supply than Christians in Mosul.