Michigan Democrat Gary Peters' Campaign Manager Caught Up in Twitter Storm

When Paul Tencher,  the campaign manager for Michigan Democrat Gary Peters, isn’t making snide comments on the suicide of popular Hollywood figures, it seems he enjoys making fun of the current flooding in Michigan.

The first Tweet below seems to have been issued upon news of the death of beloved comedian Robin Williams. The second Tweet came three hours later. With his boss, candidate Gary Peters already under fire for his position supporting access to ObamaCare for illegal immigrants, you would think his campaign manager has better things to do than embarrass himself on Twitter.

Then 3 hours later:

Given that voters at a recent town hall with Peters didn’t seem to think much of his campaign, or perhaps the candidate himself, surely Tencher’s time would be better spent elsewhere. It also seems fair to question the Dream Act supporting Peters’ judgment when it comes to staffing at this point. Perhaps that’s the reason for his now sputtering campaign.

Some in the audience said they weren’t happy or that they didn’t believe the answers. Others wanted to know why the Democrats weren’t doing a better job of “defusing the right-wing agitators.”