Immigration Now Driving Michigan Senate Race

In state after state, the immigration issue is emerging as the defining issue in the 2014 mid-terms. Now, Michigan is no exception thanks to a video of Democrat Gary Peters that surfaced two weeks ago.

Contrasted with other video, Peters is clearly caught talking out of both side sof his mouth on the contentious issue and Terry Land’s campaign is making the most of it.

With national focus on the recent surge of illegal immigrants across the border, Michigan’s Senate race has pivoted to immigration in the past week. Two weeks ago, a video surfaced of Democratic nominee, Gary Peters, speaking to a group in Mexicantown in Detroit. In the clip, Peters tells the audience, “Immigration reform is not about enforcement.” 

Last Wednesday, Terri Land’s campaign remained on the offensive by releasing a TV ad titled “Playing Both Sides”. The ad shows back-to-back clips of Peters appearing to flip-flop on his immigration position. In the first, he says, “Certainly enforcement is very important.” The second clip is taken from the video released last week.

Peters has watched what was once a big lead dwindle to almost nothing as the issue continues to play out in the media. The Democrat also backed Obamacare loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to enroll in the program, while he told voters that wasn’t the case.