Harkin Not Sold On Hillary

Retiring Senator Tom Harkin, a prominent and long-time progressive, made it clear he isn’t necessarily on Team Hillary, although the former Secretary of State did headline his final annual Steak Fry as a Senator.

Harkin, who is retiring after 30 years in the Senate and was hosting his last annual Steak Fry today, said progressives should raise questions about Clinton’s foreign policy and economic positions.

One of Hillary’s major obstacles in attempting to gain the 2016 Democrat nomination is her being perceived as out of step for a party that has consistently shifted Left under Obama. At the same time, while her being perceived as having a more hawkish foreign policy than Obama may put her more in step with America today, that doesn’t mean it’s a fit for her party.

“As someone who has carried the liberal, progressive populist banner for many years, we’re always nervous about people moving too far to the right,” Harkin told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl for “This Week.” “See we, a lot of us believe the center ought to be moved back, that the center has moved too far right.”


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