Report: Murder Suspect Alton Nolen Shouted Islamic Phrases During Beheading

In response to FBI Probing Whether ‘Islam Is Somehow Linked’ To Beheading In Oklahoma:

A few more details via the NY Post about the – ahem – “workplace violence” incident in Moore, Oklahoma, Thursday.

Alton Nolen, the “disgruntled, fired factory worker” who beheaded the female employee, Thursday, reportedly used a 10-inch work knife to do the job, according to law enforcement sources.

He barged in and attacked the first person he saw — 54-year-old Colleen Hufford — stabbing her in the back and cutting her head off with a knife he had used while working at the plant.

The FBI is investigating Thursday’s brutal murder at Vaughan Foods in the Oklahoma town of Moore due to the nature of the attack, which comes on the heels of recently released ISIS beheading videos.

Alton Nolen, 30, had been fired from the food distribution company early Thursday and drove back to the plant around 4 p.m., according to sources.

He allegedly hollered out “Islamic phrases” as he went about his business:


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