Sarah Palin has fun with her own gaffe


It was fun watching the liberals who saddled America with Barack Obama – known for dismissing a deadly terrorist enemy as al-Qaeda’s junior varsity, blurting out that he has no strategy for defeating them, and blowing over a billion dollars on the worst website launch in history – rip into Sarah Palin for getting the address of the White House wrong in a speech.  She said “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue” instead of 1600.  Meanwhile, the current Vice President has to be led carefully across Pennsylvania Avenue by adults holding both of his hands, lest he be distracted by a shiny object and run headlong into traffic.

But it’s even more entertaining watching Sarah Palin make fun of her own gaffe, courtesy of Twitchy:

Remember how liberals spent years whining that it was brutally unfair to mock Barack Obama for getting the number of states in the United States wrong, or mispronouncing “corpse man?”  Oh well, I guess you can’t blame them for desperately seeking some distraction from the day’s news.  You’re probably going to want another distraction on Monday, if not sooner, guys.


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