This Halloween Be as Sexy or Offensive as You Want to Be

This Halloween Be as Sexy or Offensive as You Want to Be

For the last couple of years we can’t stop hearing about ridiculous sexy costumes.  Sexy Pizza.  Sexy Ghostbuster.  Sexy Mouse.  Even Sexy Wednesday Addams.  This has prompted a lot of articles from feminists with phrases like “we should be asking ourselves” and “what kind of example are we setting for young women?”  It’s as if these aren’t the same women who preach to young women about abortion-on-demand and empowerment through non-committal sex.

This seems to be a media-driven story because the costumes probably fit less than 10% of the female population. The regurgitated stories are usually coupled by what makes an offensive costume.  This year, there’s one costume that combines “sexy” and “offensive.”

Sexy Hazmat/Ebola worker.  Of course, last year the same costume was named Sexy Walter White.

S.E. Cupp thinks it might be healthy to embrace the silliness of our times.  She writes:

These are scary, uncertain times. Flesh-eating illness and genocidal terrorists — truly biblical stuff — make Monica Lewinsky look like Mother Teresa. What are we to do with all our pent-up fears and anxieties?

As any psychologist or anthropologist will tell you, role-playing is a vital and healthy outlet for coping with otherwise inexplicable and frightening situations.

Perhaps this also explains why some women choose to dress as “sexy” versions of every day things and people. If we can’t embrace fantasy during Halloween, why bother?  Also, for all the carping about stupid sexy costumes, we’ll see very few of the ones mentioned as the most ridiculous.  Women will still gravitate toward the stand-bys like nurses, witches, pirates and wenches.  I think it’s more likely that the day after Halloween is like Black Friday for the sex industry. The sexy costume pics that were passed around by outraged feminists and amused BuzzFeed writers will continue to only live on the internet.

However, Cupp’s best point in the article is about political correctness.

Lastly, the world is an offensive place, and politically correct attempts at accommodating the perpetually offended are silly and should be boisterously rejected.

Case in point: The world’s most self-serious person, Keith Olbermann, finds Ray Rice costumes “violent and racist,” and believes those who wear them should go to a special “circle of hell.”

But if you haven’t noticed, the world keeps turning even when Olbermann or anyone else is offended by something. Being offended is unavoidable. We are an offensive species. It’s best we brace ourselves and move on with our lives.

I haven’t dressed up since my last year of trick-or-treating (5th or 6th grade, maybe?) because I prefer to be at home handing out candy to little superheroes and princesses.  I’m giving out full-size candy bars and some of them have peanuts.  I suppose that’s more politically incorrect than dressing up as sexy Ebola worker.


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