Orrin Hatch Calls Harry Reid's Leadership 'Pathetic, Pitiful'

Not one prone to hyperbole, the most senior republican in the Senate, Utah’s Orrin Hatch said of Harry Reid’s leadership, it’s “the most pathetic, pitiful way I’ve seen the Senate run in all my 38 years — and I’ve seen some pretty pathetic, pitiful times.”

Hatch made the comments during a phone interview with The Hill.

The Senate’s most senior Republican on Thursday bashed current Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), saying with the GOP in charge, there was potential for real accomplishments.

Meanwhile, Reid himself wasted no time in lashing out at Republicans, leading the New York Times’ Carl Hulse to snark that any presumed post-election reconciliation didn’t take long to evaporate. 

Well, That Conciliation Seems Short-Lived

Senator Harry Reid’s office this morning took a shot at Senator Mitch McConnell, the incoming majority leader, under the subject line: “Senator McConnell vows more of the same.”

The reference was to an op-ed article by Mr. McConnell and House Speaker John A. Boehner published this morning in The Wall Street Journal in which they said they would fulfill voters’ expectations by “renewing our commitment to repeal ObamaCare, which is hurting the job market along with Americans’ health care.”