Border Corruption: Former El Paso Cop Sentenced in Drug Conspiracy

Border Corruption: Former El Paso Cop Sentenced in Drug Conspiracy

EL PASO, TEXAS–Former El Paso police officer and reserve deputy constable Billy Jack Barrow, Jr. was yesterday sentenced to prison for a period of two years. Barrow was arrested with fifteen other people during a series of raids conducted by the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in 2013. The large group was charged with conspiracy and intent to distribute cocaine. 

Barrow served as an El Paso police officer for nearly two and a half years and then as a deputy constable for another two and a half years according to officials in El Paso. 

In a statement from the FBI, Barrow admitted during his plea hearing on the drug conspiracy to corruption in the form of tipping off co-conspirators about bar checks and other law enforcement operations during his tenure as a reserve deputy constable. 

In addition to the two years in federal prison, Barrow faces a $500 fine and two additional years of supervised release upon the completion of his prison term.

The conspiracy was alleged to have been ongoing for more than three years. Eighteen people were indicted as part of the conspiracy. The sixteen arrests that were made in May 2013–all taking place in El Paso with exception to the arrest of Caleb “Bear” Jordan McCreless.

This investigation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration, together with the El Paso Police Department and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

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