Houston Community Organizer Quannel X Agitates Against Police

Houston Community Organizer Quannel X Agitates Against Police

GALVESTON, TEXAS–Last week a group of three dozen protesters, led by local community organizer Quannel X, gathered together outside of the Municipal Courthouse in Galveston to protest alleged police brutality at this years’ Mardi Gras Celebration. 

X claims that police used unnecessary excessive force on Sunday March 1st around 1am when 19 people were arrested for throwing bottles and fireworks at police.

X told the Houston Chronicle that 14 people arrested have already appeared in Municipal Court. 13 plead not guilty and one no contest.

According to police documents, the charges against the 19 people arrested on Sunday include interference with the duties of a public servant and public intoxication. One of the individuals was a juvenile. An alleged gang member was also charged with resisting arrest and participating in a riot. 

One Galveston resident and witness on the scene said, “Getting drunk and throwing things at cops seldom works out well.”

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