27 Illegal Aliens Convicted of Child Sex Crimes Arrested Near Mexican Border

27 Illegal Aliens Convicted of Child Sex Crimes Arrested Near Mexican Border

EDINBURG, TEXAS–27 illegal immigrants and convicted sex offenders were apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol agents in February. 15 illegal immigrants who are members of violent street gangs were also taken into custody that month. The arrests happened in the Rio Grande Valley area. 

Two additional men, one convicted for murder and another convicted for voluntary man slaughter, were also arrested in the area that month. 

11 of the arrested gang members belong to the Los Angeles-based Mara Salvatrucha gang, better known as MS-13. The four others men were members of the 18th Street gang. 

Disturbingly, the majority of the illegal immigrants arrested for sexual crimes committed such assaults against children. Various charges against the individuals include felony child sexual contact, lewd acts with a child, sexual exploitation of a child, and sexual assault of a child. 

An increasing number of individuals accused of sex crimes including children have been apprehended near the United States/Mexican border. 

As Breitbart Texas reported earlier this week, 46-year-old Francisco Javier Sanchez, a man facing multiple child molestation charges, was arrested on Sunday. Officers caught Sanchez, an El Salvadoran man who is a permanent resident in Georgia, attempting to leave the U.S. The officers’ database showed an arrest warrant for Sanchez for bail jumping in Georgia. After the warrant was confirmed, it was revealed that it had stemmed from charges of child molestation and sexual battery of a child in 2012. Sanchez was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend’s two teenage daughters.

Acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said, “Border Patrol agents protect this nation from all threats. Those threats are not always posed by terrorists or drug smugglers; sometimes they take the form of sex offenders and gang members. Agents are ensuring the safety of our children and the security of our communities by keeping these dangerous criminals off our streets.”

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