An Actual Petty Turn in Texas AG Race

An Actual Petty Turn in Texas AG Race

In a recent interview on the Lubbock-based Chad Hasty Show, Republican candidate for Texas Attorney General Dan Branch touted his credentials as being “effective in the legislature” while not being a “backbencher.” Branch is facing Texas Senator Ken Paxton in the May 27th runoff for Texas Attorney General.

Branch did not hold back his criticism of his opponent in the runoff. During the interview, Branch said that Paxton was not qualified to be Texas Attorney General.

“I don’t think he would make a long list for one of the deputy positions, let alone for the office of Attorney General.”

Branch also defended himself against criticism of his “pro-life” record. An amendment that Branch filed in 2005 could have expanded the medical authority of late-term abortionists in Texas. On Monday Branch claimed that the criticism was just mudslinging by his opponent and that he is supported by numerous pro-life groups. Branch also said that he is 100% pro-life.

During the interview with KFYO-AM in Lubbock, Branch discussed his qualifications and argued for his record of advancing a conservative agenda. Branch pointed to his work as a full-time attorney and his filing of an amicus brief in defending traditional marriage in Texas as proof that he has been effective.

Anthony Holm, a spokesperson for the Paxton campaign, brushed off the attacks.

“After his stunning defeat on March 4th, Dan Branch is a flailing, desperate candidate resorting to silly attacks,” Holm said. “As the May 27th runoff approaches we should expect more of the same negative attacks from his failing campaign.”

The Branch campaign has suffered a number of PR nightmares in March typically involving his record on abortion issues. Shortly after a Breitbart Texas reporter submitted an inquiry to clarify vote amendments potentially expanding opportunities for late-term abortions in Texas, the Branch campaign offered a public attack on the reporter–rather than answer the question in accordance with common media relations procedures. Breitbart Texas later revealed that a number of Branch’s votes on abortion laws received high marks from the “radical” pro-abortion outfit National Association to Repeal Abortion Restrictions (NARAL).

The full interview with Dan Branch may be listened to on the website for The Chad Hasty Show on KFYO-AM.

Chad Hasty is the host of the Chad Hasty Show on KFYO-AM Lubbock. Follow Chad on Twitter @ChadyHastyRadio