Interview: Former Football Star Craig James Joins Family Research Council

Interview: Former Football Star Craig James Joins Family Research Council

During the 2012 campaign for a Texas seat in the U.S. Senate, then candidate Craig James was asked a question that was not an uncommon question for a Republican candidate to be asked, nor was it an unusual answer given as a Republican candidate–yet this answer resulted in James’ being fired from a broadcast sports journalism job.  The question–What is your definition of marriage?

Craig James answered from his heart and from the teachings of his religious faith.  “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” James stated was his answer.  As a result of this honest expression of his religious beliefs, Craig James was fired from his new job as a sports analyst on Fox Sports Southwest.

In the interview below, James talks with Breitbart Texas about this event and the new relationship that grew out of the ashes of being fired from the job he loved – being a sports broadcaster.  The Family Research Council came to his aid after the firing and helped him through the process of challenging the firing.

“The Texas Workforce Commission,” James explained, “has issued a charge of discrimination against Fox Sports Southwest.”  The stage is now set for either the TWC or James himself to take legal action against Fox Sports Southwest in this matter.

But the good news is, Craig James has now found a new opportunity to work for what he believes is right.  He is now joining the Family Research Council as both a speaker and a lobbyist to focus on the issues of religious liberty.

Following is the Exclusive interview Breitbart Texas conducted with Craig James:

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