Infidelity Website Fingers Houston as Cheating Mecca

Infidelity Website Fingers Houston as Cheating Mecca

HOUSTON, Texas–The Houston area is filled with married couples who cheat, specifically married people in the Sugar Land area, according to a recent report from the local KHOU.

In a recent interview, Ashley Madison’s CEO claimed that 160,000 people in the Houston area use their website to meet married people who are interested in cheating. They also claim that almost 99% of those cheaters live in or around Sugar Land, an economically prosperous town in the Houston metropolitan area.

According to the website, West University is a close second to Sugar Land, Baytown is third and Downtown Houston comes in 4th place.  Finally, Larchmont [south of the Galleria] takes fifth.

The CEO of Ashley Madison claims his multimillion dollar business is proof that hundreds of thousands in Houston are actively cheating.  But are his numbers as accurate as he claims?

According to a recent lawsuit filed against the company, Ashley Madison is filled with fake profiles that were created with the intent of misleading users into thinking more women are using than the site than actually exist.  

An ex-employee from the Toronto area says she was hired to create thousands of fake profiles.  Her lawsuit doesn’t claim that creating the fake articles was illegal.  Instead the plaintiff claims that typing all of those profiles caused her to develop injuries in her wrists.  

All though the profiles she created were for the Brazilian version of the website, it does leave some wondering how many fake profiles exist for people in the Houston-Sugar Land area.

John Walton, host of the popular Walton and Johnson Show, recently spoke about the topic on his nationally syndicated talk radio show.  He said, “There’s something very suspicious about Ashley Madison.  We’ve been hearing from our listeners for years that most of the profiles on website don’t look real.  But is anyone really surprised that a website that promotes infidelity would be dishonest about how many people are using it?”

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