High School Student Sworn in as Texas Town's Mayor

High School Student Sworn in as Texas Town's Mayor

Most high school seniors are gearing up for summer break and college, but 18-year old Kelvin Green of North Texas is getting ready to become mayor of the town of Archer City.

A spokeswoman from Archer City’s town hall told Breitbart Texas that Green was sworn in as mayor on the morning of May 16. She added that Green had no competition–he won by default, as he was the only candidate who ran for the position.

Green told NewsChannel 6, “The city wanted me in this position even though there was not an election. It’s more or less a childhood dream. As it’s gotten closer I’ve become more excited and I’m ready to take on the task for sure.”

He continued, “It’s a good feeling too, it gives you something good to wake up about in the morning.”

Green will graduate from high school in 11 days and then make the transition into his political career. 

According to local media outlet KHOU, Green will be the youngest mayor since Archer City was established in 1888.

According to Archer City’s website, the town’s major industries are ranching and oil. Famously strong, nutritious grass has caused the town to be known as the “Short Grass Ranching Capital” of the U.S. 

Green’s first order of business as Archer City mayor will apparently be the city’s water issue, as a stage four drought is plaguing the small town. 

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