John Cornyn Publicly Mocks Popular Texas Tea Party Leader

John Cornyn Publicly Mocks Popular Texas Tea Party Leader

Last night Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn took to Twiiter to attack former Texas House candidate and popular Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson. 

“That tweet was completely unprovoked,” Pierson told Breitbart Texas. “With all the tweets Cornyn gets, why would he respond to that one? He was digging at me personally.”

It is unclear if the tweet was written by a staffer or by Cornyn himself, but according to Pierson, Cornyn said in the past that he controls his own account. “We all know that John Cornyn runs his own Twitter account,” Pierson said. “He tells people, ‘Just contact me, I run my own Twitter.'”

Dallas-based radio talk show host Mark Davis tweeted claimed that he received “confirmation” that it was Cornyn, not a staffer, who wrote the message. 

Regardless of who ultimately composed the tweet, Cornyn has not removed it or apologized to Pierson. 

“He could have called me and said, ‘I’m so sorry about that,'” Pierson said. “But they didn’t do that. They did nothing. Everyone on his staff knows how to contact me. If he didn’t mean that, or it came across the wrong way, you would think he’d apologize.” 

Cornyn’s attack on Pierson caused a stir and some furious responses on Twitter. Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy chronicled some of the most notable retorts: 

Ultimately, Pierson has no idea why Cornyn attacked her. The grassroots activist has earned her favorable reputation in Texas by consistently and passionately expanding the conservative base. She pointed out, however, “I ran against Pete Sessions–nobody in the establishment liked that.”

Pierson added, “When I first saw the tweet I thought, ‘Oh, that’s classy.’ I get attacked all the time, but usually by Democrats. I would like ask him why he wouldn’t direct his snarkiness towards Democrats–you might want to attack your enemies, rather than hurling insults at people who are trying to grow the base of your party.”

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