Texas Congressman Calls for Sanctions on Mexico

Texas Congressman Calls for Sanctions on Mexico

HOUSTON, Texas–As the crisis continues on the border, lawmakers have been offering their opinions on what to do to cut down on the number of people coming across the U.S./Mexico border. Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer of Lubbock suggested economic sanctions may be the answer.

Neugebauer appeared on KFYO-AM in Lubbock for his weekly interview on Lubbock’s First News when he was asked about the situation on the border. Neugebauer was explaining that there needed to be pressure put on Mexico to secure their southern border.

“What I think we’re going to have to do to Mexico is get them involved in this and the way you get Mexico involved in this is maybe at some point you impose some economic sanctions on them until they do a better job of helping us control this problem. They’re a facilitator here, and if any other country was facilitating this kind of activity I think we’d be taking some actions.” Neugebauer went on to say that no matter happens going forward nothing will change until the law is enforced.

Neugebauer isn’t the only one who believes that Mexico has to do something about its southern border. Republican Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida introduced a resolution in June that in part called on Mexico to secure its border. As Breitbart News previously reported, the resolution called on the President to take five steps to reduce the number of children crossing the border. The fifth step outlined in the resolution calls for the United States to “work with Mexican and Central American officials to improve security at the Southern Border of Mexico.” In a press statement, Cornyn said that he believes if the President took the five steps he and Rubio outlined, it would to end the current crisis and help prevent a future crisis.

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