Some Texas Gun Shows May Soon be Allowed to Sell Alcohol

Some Texas Gun Shows May Soon be Allowed to Sell Alcohol

HOUSTON, Texas — Soon consumers may be able to buy alcohol at gun shows, if the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) gets its way. 

TABC announced the proposition on Friday, according to KENS5. During the next 30 days, the commission is seeking comments and thoughts on the proposal from the public. 

The commission’s website states, “TABC is proposing changes that would allow alcohol service to continue throughout the gun show if certain requirements are met.” Such requirements include not allowing live ammunition, firearms that are disabled and not ready for use, and no delivery of firearms on the premises. 

TABC Communications Director Carolyn Beck told Breitbart Texas, “The reason we proposed the rule is because we were contacted by a gun show in Dallas that wanted to sell alcohol.”

KENS5 reported that currently, the selling and consumption of alcohol must be suspended during the entire fun show; this includes the time during which displays are set up and dismantled. 

TABC stated on its website, “The proposed rule does not address facilities that choose to suspend alcohol sales during the gun show. TABC expects to receive comments specific to this issue and will re-examine it before finalizing any changes.”

The rule would predominantly affect venues that sell alcohol but also host historical re-enactments and the ceremonial display of firearms, according the Austin-American Statesman

Beck told Breitbart Texas that since proposing the new rules, “we’ve been getting some great feedback.” Although much of the public’s response has been positive, Beck was quick to add that “we’ve also been getting lots of feedback from people who think alcohol shouldn’t be sold at gun shows at all. They think its a bad idea.”

The proposition will likely go up for vote this November. 

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