Wendy Davis Attacks Republican Analyst With Out-of-Context Statement

Wendy Davis Attacks Republican Analyst With Out-of-Context Statement

HOUSTON, Texas — In what appears to be move of desperation, the Wendy Davis campaign is using comments made by political strategist and pundit Matt Mackowiak to attack Greg Abbot. In a speech and several press releases, Davis used statements by Mackowiak, which she took out-of-context, to claim that Abbott and his allies do not believe that rape is a serious issue. 

Over the weekend, Mackowiak went on Dallas’ NBC affiliate to discuss pro life issues in Texas. Mackowiak was debating a Democratic strategist, Matt Angle, when the issue of rape and incest arose.

Mackowiak said, “Texas is a pro-life state. We can get into minor issues that are one percent or two percent the problem. But ultimately Texas is a strong pro-life state. Abbott would love to fight this campaign on that issue alone from here on out but Wendy knows that’s not strategically wise.”

Angle then said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard rape or incest called a ‘minor issue.'” Mackowiak then clarified his original statement by adding, “It’s minor in terms of the percentage of cases. That’s all I’m saying.”

Following Mackowiak’s television appearance, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis sent out several email blasts, incorrectly calling Mackowiak an Abbott “surrogate” and taking his comments grossly out-of-context.

One of Davis’ press releases said, “Matt Mackowiak, a surrogate for Wendy’s Republican opponent Greg Abbott, went on television this weekend and called rape and incest ‘minor issues.’ I can’t believe I even have to write this — contrary to what Abbott and his allies might believe, rape and incest are horrific crimes, not ‘minor issues.’ This is just one of the many, many examples of how Greg Abbott is dramatically out of touch.”

Davis then asked her supporters to donate to her campaign, and ended the press release by saying, “It’s even more disgusting that Greg Abbott, a candidate for major political office, would embrace [Mackowiak] as a surrogate rather than denounce Mackowiak’s remarks.”

In another press release issued on Tuesday, the Davis campaign wrote that “one of [Abbott’s] campaign surrogates defended his position by dismissing these horrific crimes as ‘minor issues’.”

Responding to the ambush by Davis’ campaign, Mackowiak told Breitbart Texas that never suggested that rape and incest are minor issues — rather, he was pointing out that in all cases of abortions, those involving rape or incest are a small percentage. 

Mackowiak also said that Davis lied when she said he is an Abbott “surrogate.” “Abbott has never paid me at any point in my life,” Mackowiak told Breitbart Texas. 

“Why are they doing this? I think part of it is ive been a pretty relentless critic of Davis,” Mackowiak continued. “But I don’t really think its about me. I think it’s about them wanting to seize this to try and raise money. It’s evidence of how desperate they are — they have to use these contrived phony stunts to try to raise money and attention.”

Breitbart Texas attempted to reach out to Davis’ campaign via email for comments, but such emails were not immediately returned. 

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