Residents In US Ebola Region Do Not Prepare As Others Do Across Nation

Residents In US Ebola Region Do Not Prepare As Others Do Across Nation

HOUSTON, Texas — Dallas residents are unexpectedly calm surrounding the events of the patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed had Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, in North Dallas, on Tuesday. Although, the reaction of those in Dallas appears to contradict the response of others outside of the city.

After speaking with several managers of Walgreens and CVS all over the Dallas, Texas area, Breitbart Texas found that not only were Dallas residents not rushing to stock up on emergency supplies such as jugs of water, first aids kits, medical gloves, etc. each store is fully stocked and has plenty of supplies. These sales numbers indicate that Dallas people are simply trusting that the government is handling the situation.

Mike Deangelis, Director of Public Relations for CVS/Pharmacy commented saying, “We have a store across the street from the hospital where the patient is being treated that is seeing an uptick in hand sanitizer sales,” He added, “Otherwise, we are not seeing any sales trends related to this issue at this time.”

Breitbart Texas’ Kristin Tate wrote previously on the lack of precautionary measures taken to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the Dallas homeless community. Tate asked a spokesperson from Restoring Hope Dallas, a ministry that gives housing to the homeless, what their plan was. The spokesperson responded saying, “We don’t have an Ebola plan … we haven’t gone into Ebola protection mode or anything like that. It seems like [the current case of Ebola] was just one freak accident.”

Breitbart Texas’ Merrill Hope recently interviewed Alben Tarty, spokesman for the Liberian Community Association of DFW. Tarty told Breitbart Texas, “The CDC has the situation under control,” He added, “The community is surviving this … It’s stressful and frustrating but we will continue to tell them there is no reason for unnecessary panic.” 

Even though it appears that these groups are taking the government for their word in regards to having the Ebola situation under control, according to a CNBC report Amazon is showing a different story stating, “Early figures from Amazon bear this out; as of Wednesday sales of a type of full-body protective suits were up 131,000 percent and sales for one type of mask had risen 18,000 percent in 24 hours. Amazon does not give actual sales figures.)”

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