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HAZMAT Team Decontaminates Dallas Apartment of Third US Ebola Patient

HAZMAT Team Decontaminates Dallas Apartment of Third US Ebola Patient

DALLAS, Texas – Thursday, a cleanup crew worked to decontaminate the apartment of Amber Joy Vinson, the third person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. Vinson is the second Dallas-based nurse to test positive for the deadly virus. 

Multiple men in HAZMAT gear were seen suiting up outside the apartment, Breitbart News observed. A team of men was also present helping get the decontamination team properly equipped.

The men appeared to strap on breathing units, multiple layers of protective suits and bright colored gloves with red marking around the wrist area. Though their feet were not visible, rubber boots were seen being taken to the area from an equipment-laden semi-truck. The prep team appeared to close up certain areas of the suits and wipe them down.

The crew’s semi-truck sat on the street just off the parking lot of Vinson’s apartment filled with what looked like pressurized tanks, rubber boots, cases of bottled water and other equipment.

While the cleanup crew prepped, a helicopter flew above the scene. Residents in a nearby building said, “look, the helicopter’s back!”

Local resident Michael Propes told Breitbart that he sees the presence of Ebola as a major problem. He said he is having a tough time deciding whether to send his workers on handyman jobs for his business, as he isn’t sure who might have been exposed or might be exposed.

Vinson is the second nurse that has been diagnosed with the disease since Ebola patient zero, Liberian Thomas Duncan was treated for the disease at Dallas’ Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Duncan is believed to have contracted the disease while still in Liberia. He traveled to the U.S. where he started presenting symptoms and was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian the second time he sought medical assistance there.

Breitbart Texas previously reported on the cleaning of Duncan’s apartment. All employees that entered that apartment reportedly wore bio suits. The cleaning company told Breitbart Texas they expected the job to be a “walk in the park.”

Today news broke that the Ebola scare is shutting down some Texas schools, Breitbart Texas’ Merrill Hope reports.

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