Greg Abbott Wins Texas, Steamrolls Wendy Davis

Governor Elect Abbott

AUSTIN, Texas — Fox News has called a victory for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in Texas’ gubernatorial race. Abbott received 2,775,353 votes and 59% of the vote, while his Democratic opponent Wendy Davis received 1,820,571 of the votes and 39% of the vote.

When Abbott kicked off his campaign in San Antonio in July of 2013, this writer asked Abbott why he would want to leave the battlefield of defending Texas as Attorney General to become governor. In an exclusive interview with, Abbott responded, “Well as the attorney general, I’ve literally been the general on the battlefield in fighting against an overreaching federal government, fighting to protect our liberty. I’m now seeking to move from being the general on the battlefield to being the commander-in-chief, leading that effort throughout the entire state, working with next attorney general but also with the state agencies. It could be Health and Human Services pushing back against the Medicaid expansion trying to be enforced in Washington, DC. It could be working with Texas Commissioner on Environmental Quality to push back against the overreaching EPA that’s trying to crush jobs. It could be continuing to lead our efforts to prevent laws coming to Texas that deny our Second Amendment rights like what we’re seeing in some other states, but I will continue that fight against threats to our liberty from the commander-in-chief position as governor for the state of Texas.”

Abbott never trailed in the polls throughout the campaign. His consistent message of limited government, lower taxes, improved education and border security have apparently resonated with the conservative voters of Texas. Abbott campaigned on fighting ObamaCare, defending the 2nd Amendment, defending traditional values, increased transparency in government, stopping the EPA in Texas, protecting the voting laws of Texas, protecting our children, securing the border and putting a stop to the heinous crimes of human trafficking.

In addition to serving Texas as its Attorney General, Abbott also served in the judicial branch as a district court judge in Houston and as a Justice on the Texas Supreme Court.

Abbott’s dedicated wife, Cecilia will now make history as the first Latina to become First Lady of the Great State of Texas.

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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