Texas Lt. Governor: ‘I Blame People on Social Media with Hatred Toward Police’

APTOPIX Police Shootings-Protest
AP Photo: L.M. Otero

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said he blames people on social media with hatred toward police during a Fox News Channel interview Friday morning. The Lt. Governor made a passionate call for viewers to remember these are real people who were killed and wounded during the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

“I do blame people on social media with their hatred toward police,” Lt. Governor Patrick said. “I saw Jessie Jackson on calling police racist without any facts. I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests. … We’ve heard the ‘pigs in a blanket’ (comments).”

Patrick said many of the officers were shot in the back and never knew what hit them.

“I want to bring us back to real people who died last night and were wounded,” the Lt. Governor stated. “Brent Thompson, married two weeks ago, was shot ten or twelve times. He had a bullet proof vest on, as they all did. The bullets pierced the vest. He was running up to take on a gunman who outgunned him and probably had body armor on.”

“This has to stop,” the Lt. Governor exclaimed. “These are real people. I was at the hospital last night and saw four bodies of deceased officers go by on the gurney and police officers standing in salute.”

“All of these officers, it has been said last night, lost their life protecting people who were protesting against them,” Patrick said fighting back tears. “This has to end!”

“Let’s not forgot these people. They left behind children and wives and husbands. This is a tragedy, not just for Dallas and not just for Texas, but for America.”

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