Mexico City to Spend $5M on U.S. Migrant Housing

AP File Photo/Rebecca Blackwell
Mexico City

The mayor of Mexico City is working with two major U.S. municipalities to fund nearly $5 million in migrant housing. The money will be used to operate shelters in Los Angeles and Chicago for the next seven years.

The mayor’s office in Mexico City disclosed through a “transparency” request, the city’s plans to spend 87 million pesos (approximately $4,857,000 USD), on migrant shelters in two of the largest cities in the U.S., El Universal reported.

The funds are being directed through the Citizen Initiative for the Promotion of Culture of Dialog, the Mexican news outlet stated.

The program began under the previous administration of Mayor Marcelo Ebrand and continues today.

The government states the migrant shelters have served their purpose but did not give many specifics. They indicated an intention to move to providing aid for Mexican nationals fighting with the Trump Administration over immigration issues. Funds are provided to Mexicans regardless of if they were ever a resident of Mexico City, the article states.

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said the “United States is going to miss Mexican migrants,” El Universal reported.

The president of the Mexican National Conference of Governors stated, “We also do not want more migrants to go to the Unites States.” The statement in the article states they wish for all of them to “be with us.”

The conference president admitted it would be better for the Mexican economy if Mexicans stayed in Mexico, El Universal reported.

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