Trump Calls for Border Security after Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Allegedly Kills Colts Linebacker

Indianapolis Colt's #53 Edwin Jackson
AP file Photo/Mark Zaleski

President Donald Trump called the alleged drunk driving homicide of an NFL player and his driver “disgraceful.” Indiana Representative Todd Rokita called for legislative action to prevent this type of preventable crime from happening in the future.

“So disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed linebacker Edwin Jackson,” President Trump tweeted. “This is just one of many such preventable tragedies. We must get the Dems to get tough on the Border, and with illegal immigration, FAST!”

Indianapolis Colt’s linebacker Edwin Jackson and his rideshare driver, Jeffrey Monroe, were killed after being struck by a pickup truck allegedly driven by a twice-deported illegal alien with a history of drunk driving and deportations, Breitbart Texas reported on Monday.

Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita called for increased vigilance in protecting our nation’s borders and enforcing immigration laws following the needless death of two fellow Hoosiers, CNS News reported.

“The loss of life at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals should make all Hoosiers sad and ultimately angry,” Rep. Rokita stated. “We must do more to get these dangerous illegal immigrant criminals off of our streets, and guarantee this never happens again by building a wall, ending sanctuary cities, and stopping illegal immigration once and for all.”

Rokita introduced a bill called the SLAP ACT (Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians) in December. The bill is aimed at stopping sanctuary cities from hiding illegal aliens or releasing them after their arrests on local crimes. He also supports “Kate’s Law” which calls for the defunding of sanctuary cities.

The accused killer, Manuel Orrego-Savala, also known as Alex Cabrera-Gonsales, has a history of drunk driving and immigration violations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials confirmed to Breitbart Texas Monday evening. A California court convicted the Guatemalan national of driving under the influence in Redwood City in 2005. He has numerous other misdemeanor convictions in both California and Indiana, officials stated.

Orrego-Savala illegal entered the U.S. in July 2004. Following his DUI conviction in California, an immigration judge ordered his removal. Immigration officers deported the criminal alien in January 2007.

He subsequently re-entered the U.S. and returned to the sanctuary city of San Francisco. Immigration officers arrested the man in March 2009. A judge reinstated his order for removal and Enforcement and Removal Operations officers deported the illegal alien to Guatemala.

ICE officials issued another immigration detainer on Orrego-Savala following his arrest on Sunday morning. The detainer is accompanied by a warrant for removal.

In addition to the charges Orrego-Savala faces in Indiana courts, he could also see federal prosecution for aggravated illegal re-entry into the U.S. after removal. The illegal alien could lead to a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

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