Mexico Marks Deadliest Day During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mexico Corona Drill 2
Tamaulipas Health Department

Mexican health officials revealed the highest daily spike in fatalities related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The new record comes as authorities are broadly accused of doctoring statistics to downplay the true scope of the pandemic.

During the daily news conference, Mexico’s Epidemiology Director Jose Luis Alomia said the nation has seen a total of 6,090 fatalities and 56,594 confirmed cases. The number of fatalities rose by 424 in a single day.

The current fatalities reported by Mexico place it as one of the countries with the highest fatality rates. The current figures recently surpassed China’s acknowledged totals.

Despite the high numbers, Mexican health officials stand accused of under-counting fatalities and confirmed cases. Mexico has only performed 193,589 tests, which led politicians to claim this helps keep the number of cases artificially low. Undersecretary of Health Hugo Lopez Gatell previously admitted his figures do not include cases from private hospitals.

An NGO called Mexicanos Contra la Corrupcion e Impunidad MCCI says that in Mexico City alone, officials only acknowledge one-third of Coronavirus fatalities.

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