WATCH: Mexico Aggressively Rounding Up Migrants Ahead of U.S. Presidential Election

Mexican immigration officials round up migrants in Juarez. (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Video reports coming from Mexico show government immigration officials rounding up large groups of migrants near Juarez. The Mexican immigration officials are reportedly sending the migrants back to the southern end of the country.

Video reports posted on X show large numbers of Mexican immigration enforcement vehicles loaded with migrants who were apprehended in Juarez approaching the border with El Paso, Texas. The migrants are reportedly being transported back to southern Mexico or other interior locations within the country.

In another video, a migrant woman pleads with Mexican immigration officers to let her continue her journey to Texas.

Immigration officials set up interior checkpoints located a few miles south of Juarez to find migrants being transported on buses.

Center for Immigration fellow Todd Bensman reports the moves by Mexican immigration officials are part of a Biden-Obrador election ploy intended to deflect from the magnitude of the border crisis in Texas.

Breitbart Texas reported last week about Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s efforts to “extort” the U.S. government into providing $20 billion in aid to countries in Central America and the Caribbean. The president also demanded the Biden administration lift sanctions against Venezuela and lift the embargo on Cuba.

In February, Breitbart’s Randy Clark wrote about the impact of the 2024 presidential elections in Mexico and the United States and how the political maneuvering by both sitting presidents could impact border policy for years to come.

Bensman interviewed a Mexican street taco vendor who said the efforts in Mexico may only provide temporary relief as migrants fled to “desert hidey holes” to wait for the immigration roundup in Juarez to subside.

It remains to be seen what impact this will have on migrant apprehensions in the El Paso Border Patrol Sector. According to unofficial documents reviewed by Breitbart Texas, the El Paso Sector reported the apprehension of approximately 30,000 migrants in March, up from the 24,000 apprehended in February.

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