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Texas Democrat Judge Dismisses 211 Border Rioting Charges Filed Against Migrants

In a setback to the prosecution of migrants involved in a massive border breach in March, El Paso County Court at Law #7 Judge Ruben Morales dismissed 211 individual cases involving migrants charged with rioting at a border crossing. According to Morales, a procedural error transferring the cases from the local district court to his county court meant he lacked jurisdiction and was obligated to dismiss the charges.

FILE - Migrants wait in line adjacent to the border fence under the watch of the Texas Nat

Cartel Smugglers Lose $1.5M in Seized Fentanyl, Cocaine in El Paso in Single Week

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the El Paso area ports of entry managed to keep 11.2 pounds of fentanyl and 113 pounds of cocaine from hitting the United States illicit drug market in just one week’s worth of seizures. The seizures involved several cases during the week preceding the Cinco de Mayo holiday. In all, the street value of the narcotics is estimated at $1.5 million.

CBP Drug Seizures in El Paso (CBP Photos)

WATCH: Texas Guards Border as Mexicans Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Banks of Rio Grande

Cinco de Mayo proved relatively uneventful as illegal border crossings near El Paso have slowed in recent months. On Sunday, Breitbart Texas moved along the border between Texas and New Mexico, observing what seemed to be a quiet day on the heavily guarded U.S. side of the border as residents in Mexico celebrated the holiday.  As the soldiers, Highway Patrol troopers, and Border Patrol agents guarded the Rio Grande’s U.S. bank, Juarez residents basked in the sun and swam in the narrow border river.

Migrants in El Paso Texas on Cinco de Mayo. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Texas Governor Orders Barrier Along Border with New Mexico/Mexico

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the construction of additional barriers along the state’s border with New Mexico and Mexico. Border walls built in El Paso force migrants to enter the U.S. into New Mexico and then move across the Rio Grande into Texas, the governor says.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott unveils new state-funded border wall. (Office of the Texas Gove

EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Migrants Released by Biden Admin Camping on El Paso Streets

Migrants recently released by the Biden administration erected makeshift structures for several blocks and alleyways around the Sacred Heart Church in downtown El Paso. The migrants sought shade as afternoon temperatures neared 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday. Breitbart Texas observed the migrants, unable to bathe for several days, searching for relief from the heat on the city’s sidewalks and business entryways.

Migrants recently released by Biden administration camp our on the streets of El Paso. (Ra

Funcionarios de INM Mandan Fuerzas ‘Especiales’ Para Visita Fronteriza de Biden; Solo Posan Para Fotos

Funcionarios de migración mexicanos enviaron a más de 200 agentes a Ciudad Juárez, dos días antes de que el presidente de los Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, visitara El Paso para “aprender” sobre la crisis migratoria actual. Los funcionarios de inmigración mexicanos llegaron en un momento en que miles de migrantes esperan en Ciudad Juárez para cruzar a Texas. Sin embargo, el grupo “especial” solo habría participado en eventos de prensa frente a las cámaras y no habría estado en la zona ayudando a los migrantes.

INM Juarez Main

Mexican Officials Send ‘Special’ Forces Ahead of Biden Border Visit; Only Pose for Photos

Mexican immigration officials sent more than 200 agents to Ciudad Juarez, two days before U.S. President Joe Biden is set to visit El Paso, to “learn” about the current immigration crisis. The Mexican immigration officials arrived at a time when thousands of migrants await in Ciudad Juarez to cross into Texas. However, the “special” group had only made appearances in front of cameras and had not been out in the field actually helping migrants.

INM Juarez Main

Potemkin Village: Officials Clear Homeless Migrants from El Paso Streets Ahead of Biden Visit

Multiple media outlets report local police and Border Patrol agents began an effort during the last week to remove and arrest migrants from the streets of El Paso ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit to the Texas-Mexico border. The roundup appears to be an attempt to set up a Potemkin Village that paints a much different picture of the El Paso humanitarian crisis of just two weeks ago.

EL PASO, TEXAS - JANUARY 06: Immigrants prepare to bed down outside a migrant shelter on J

NC Sportscaster Suspended for Referencing ‘Illegal Aliens’ During El Paso Sun Bowl Score Update

A radio announcer for the North Carolina State football team is suspended indefinitely after using the phrase “illegal aliens” during a score update about the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl game in El Paso. The City of El Paso is currently immersed in a mass migration crisis that left migrants sleeping on city streets during freezing weather conditions over the Christmas weekend.

Photos: Getty Images/Associated Press

Texas National Guard Builds 2 Miles of Razor Wire Border Fencing near El Paso

While most families across the country celebrated the extended Christmas holiday weekend, members of the Texas National Guard built more than two miles of razor-wire border fencing near El Paso. Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed the Guardsmen under Operation Lone Star to build the barriers after the City of El Paso declared a disaster as migrants surged across the border.

Texas National Guard soldiers build three-layer concertino wire fencing along the Rio Gran

Migrants Spend Frigid Christmas Morning on El Paso Streets

Large groups of migrants woke up Christmas morning on the streets of El Paso as temperatures fell into the 20s. City officials placed buses near migrant encampments to serve as warming stations for those who either refused to go to shelters or were ineligible for federally funded shelters.

EL PASO, TEXAS - DECEMBER 22: Children from Colombia sleep while spending the night camped