$10 Donation to Charity Contest Could Buy Trip to Space

$10 Donation to Charity Contest Could Buy Trip to Space

A new charity campaign from the Beverly Hills-based Urgency Network will send at least one lucky donor 338,000 feet into outer space for the low price of $10.

The grand prize in the “Ticket To Rise” contest is a chance to board an XCOR Lynx Mark II spaceship for a flight to space. A $10 donation to any of several participating non-profits on the Urgency Network website will get the donor 50 entries into the contest. Ten dollars is considerably cheaper than the $95,000 it will cost to buy a ticket on the same spacecraft when XCOR begins operating commercial space flights next year.

The spaceflight giveaway is the latest larger-than-life contest hosted by the Urgency Network. According to ABC 10, previous contest prizes included the chance to “hang out” with Virgin billionaire Richard Branson in New York City, or the opportunity to spend three days in Maui with spiritual guru Ram Dass. The Urgency Network makes money by taking a 10% cut from all revenue generated by its campaigns, according to its website.

The “Ticket To Rise” campaign may end up sending more than one lucky winner to space: according to the contest page, for every $1 million raised, another ticket to space will be added to the grand prize. Would-be explorers had better hurry if they want the chance: the contest ends on August 11.