Plane with 140 Illegal Aliens to Arrive in San Diego for Relocation

Plane with 140 Illegal Aliens to Arrive in San Diego for Relocation

On Tuesday, a plane full of illegal immigrants from Central America will fly into San Diego, where the passengers will be transported to Murrieta for processing and released into the general community.

According to ABC10 News, Ron Zermero, a Border Patrol Union representative, claims that the processing role that border agents are assuming is pulling them off the border. Consequently, it is allowing criminals to cross our southern border undetected. “As long as they send the (agents) up there to be processed, there will be no agents patrolling, and that’s what the agency doesn’t want me to say,” he admitted.

Zermero claims that the Murrieta detaining facilities are not made to hold huge groups like the ones expected to arrive in about 24 hours. The border patrol agent lamented that “Basically, these people are going to be sitting in the cells on benches and eating where someone is going to the bathroom.”

10 News reported that 140 illegal immigrants are expected to arrive in San Diego, 140 will be arriving in El Centro, and yet another group will be brought to Yuma, Arizona. All of them will be screened and processed and then given money for bus fare. They are obligated to show up in immigration court within twenty days. 

When Zermero was asked how many would show up in court, he laughed: “I think very few are going to show up in court, and from my understanding from sources in the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) office, their standing orders is not to pursue.”

On Breitbart News Sunday, broadcast on Sirius XM Radio, border patrol agent Hector Garza told Executive News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that 95% of the illegal aliens never show up at immigration court.