Exclusive: Murrieta Hires Crisis Management Consultant, Bans Word 'Illegal'

Exclusive: Murrieta Hires Crisis Management Consultant, Bans Word 'Illegal'

The City of Murrieta, California has hired a crisis management/public relations consultant as media requests have flooded in from around the world, an inside source told Breitbart News. The consultant has instructed city officials to avoid using the term “illegal” in describing the Central American children that federal officials have attempted to transfer to the community, and has urged officials to blame federal officeholders instead. 

Since the Murrieta protests began several days ago, demonstrators have shown up in droves with signs ranging from “Respect their rights No Warehouse,” and “BA Speaks: Revolution Nothing Less,” to “DESTINATION CLOSED PLEASE REDIRECT TO 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. WASHINGTON, D.C.,” “Welcome Legal Immigrants,” “STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” and “America Owes Her Veterans, not Illegal Aliens.”

In the beginning, the messages were often wide-ranging and at times not addressing the issue of illegal immigration. One of the few preprinted signs seen early on said simply, “STOP Illegal Immigration.” However, with time has come increased organization. One group received donated signs Wednesday all bearing the same message and began having group strategy meetings.

When it comes to the Mayor and other city officials, the public relations strategy now involves a newly-hired crisis management consultant. This consultant has developed the following talking points:

  • Don’t use the terms “illegal” or “invaders”
  • Say Murrieta is a family community and we have compassion for those kids
  • Talk about Obama’s orphans being dumped in Murrieta
  • Push the fact that [local Congressman Ken] Calvert is missing (in action)
  • Use signs that are meaningful and convey a quick message
  • Flag is good, but signs say more
  • Don’t use the word quarantine

As protests continue in the tight-knit community of Murrieta, the question remains whether attempts to transfer of illegal aliens from Texas will resume should demonstrators stop holding their position outside the local Border Patrol station. 

And now the public should see messages emanating from elected officials in sync with that of the talking points set forth by the city’s crisis management consultant. But it remains to be seen whether protestors will fall in line and share the message that the city seeks to convey.