Hot, Hunky and for Hire: New California Startup Offers Women 'ManServants'

Hot, Hunky and for Hire: New California Startup Offers Women 'ManServants'

A new San Francisco-based startup called “ManServants” promises to deliver a custom-built, “chivalrous,” and PG-rated experience in which women can have their every need and desire catered to — while fully clothed — by hand-selected men. “A Man, But Better” is the company’s tagline.

“This isn’t about a woman who wants a date. This is about a woman who wants men to line up to serve her,” said the woman who inspired one of the service’s two co-founders to create the startup, while she was planning her own bachelorette party, according to CBS in San Francisco. “I do not want a stripper. I want a manservant, she said, noting that “this isn’t about what men think women want… This is about what women actually want.”

It’s not a dating or escort service. On their website, the service requests three sets of criteria from women wishing to rent a ManServant. They are 1.) His look, 2.) His conduct, and 3.) His duties. 

ManServant “Kinglsey” said some of the services the selected men are hired to carry out could include “to feed her grapes, to cook for her, make her a cocktail.”

But there are no personal questions allowed, notes CBS. “If they ask where I’m from? [I say] your imagination,” “Kinglsey” said. 

Asked by CBS for her opinion on the flipside of the equation, ManServants Co-Founder Josephine Wai Lin said, “we believe that lady servants have actually been in existence for centuries.” As examples she cited the recent topless maids phenomenon and the centuries-old Japanese Geishas. 

The men are reportedly available for hire either hourly or by the day, according to CBS, and exact pricing should be available soon. ManServants is slated to launch in September of this year.

“It’s not about objectifying the men,” the woman who helped inspire the startup said. She insisted that the men are, instead, “the ladies’ subjects.”