'Give Back My Turf': Thieves Steal Astroturf from SoCal Little League

'Give Back My Turf': Thieves Steal Astroturf from SoCal Little League

Thieves who stole artificial turf from a Southern California little league took more than just bases from the four and six-year-olds who relied on the astroturf to practice and play baseball. They’ve also made it more dangerous for the little ones in the Tujunga Little League to play the sport.

“It’s been tough,” coach Bill Mayes said to local CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles. The kids have reportedly been forced to practice on gravel because the ground where the astro turf was located is too rocky to play on. “It’s a little more dangerous for [the kids], the ball bounces a little different than on grass,” Mayes said.

One parent said she was “ticked off” by the fact that the turf was stolen from little kids, notes CBS.

The LAPD’s Foothill division believes the artificial field turf, valued at $5,000, was stolen between Wednesday and Saturday of last week. It had been donated to the league as a warm-up field. Authorities say it’s likely the culprit won’t be found, because there was no surveillance footage to reference.

In the interim, parents have reportedly set up a GoFundMe page in order to help raise $3,000 for security equipment to prevent against future crimes. And CBS notes that a private company came forward this week offering to donate more turf to the little sluggers. 

As for the thieves, one little league player had the following message: “Give me back my turf.”