Rapper Jailed for Album Promoting Gang Violence Gives TV Interview from Jail

Rapper Jailed for Album Promoting Gang Violence Gives TV Interview from Jail

San Diego rapper Tiny Doo, who faces 25-years-to-life in prison for his most recent album release, gave his first television interview on Sunday from the George F. Bailey Detention Facility in San Diego County, where he awaits trial next month.

Tiny Doo, who’s real name is Brandon Duncan, was charged with gang conspiracy last week after prosecutors said his most recent album, No Safety, promotes gang violence. Duncan, who is reportedly a documented gang member, was charged along with 15 other people in a string of nine shootings in the San Diego area since April of last year.

Prosecutors say Duncan and his album benefitted from the criminal activity of his fellow gang members. Duncan contended in his TV interview with local ABC affiliate 10News that he was being locked up for artistic expression.

“I’m just painting a picture of a story, that’s it,” Duncan told 10News. “I’m not telling anybody, ‘Hey, go commit this crime.'”

“I know absolutely nothing about the shootings,” Duncan added. “I didn’t even know the shootings took place until I was in jail. I haven’t sold any albums. I’m just a local rapper trying to make it, that’s it.”

Duncan is the first person to be charged with gang conspiracy under a 2000 California law that says gang members can be charged with conspiracy if they benefit from or promote the criminal activity of fellow gang members.

Duncan, a father of seven, told 10News that he is not an active gang member.

“I went to school there, I know these people growing up, but I’m not an active gang member at all,” Duncan said. “I take care of my kids every day, I go to work every day.”

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for December 4. Duncan remains at the George F. Bailey Detention Facility on $500,000 bail.