CA Supreme Court Asked To Decide If Legal To Carry Guns In Backpacks

Reuters/Jim Young
Reuters/Jim Young

California’s Supreme Court has been asked to settle divided appellate court rulings on whether it is legal to carry a gun in a backpack.

The appeal to the high court is the outgrowth of People v. Wade in which, to date, Steven Wade’s charges for carrying a loaded revolver in his backpack were dropped then “reinstated.”

According to SF Gate, a CA Superior Court judge threw out the charges against Wade based on a 2013 case in which charges were dismissed against a man who had three knives in his backpack. The 2013 ruling found that “a knife in a backpack is not a concealed weapon.”

The Superior Court judge ruled that the “ordinary language” regarding concealed weapons refers to “on the body or in the clothing worn on the body.” However, another court then reinstated the charges.

The California Supreme Court “will decide in the new few months” whether it will hear the case and, thereby, rule on the legality of carrying a handgun in one’s backpack.

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