CA Students in Mandatory Sexual Assault Course Hacked

Benjamin Howe II/Getty Images
Benjamin Howe II/Getty Images

Roughly 80,00 California State college students who were enrolled in a mandatory sexual violence prevention and mutual consent course have had their information comprised.

Now Cal State University officials are investigating the hack, which reportedly gave the culprits access to students’ campus IDs, email addresses and sexual identity among other potentially “sensitive” information.

According to the City News Service at, via the California Political Review, the Cal State system had hired a vendor called We End Violence to provide the noncredit class on sexual harassment, which is now required of all students under state law.

The students who registered to take the training course with this particular vendor reportedly had their data hacked.

The Los Angeles Times reports that data belonging to students who had registered with two other vendors providing the classes was not compromised.

The students exposed reportedly attended campuses at Channel Islands, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Maritime Academy, Cal Poly Pomona, Northridge, San Diego and Sonoma. They have been told to change their passwords.

Any students with questions have been told to contact a toll-free hotline that was created specifically for this matter at (877) 218-2930.

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