Kamala Harris: Autopsy Photos of Sandy Hook Victims Should’ve Been Used to Secure Gun Control

Sandy Hook Memorial Jessica Hill, AP
Jessica Hill/AP

Speaking to Politicon in L.A. on Friday, California Attorney General Kamala Harris suggested gun control could have been secured after Sandy Hook by politicizing the autopsy photos of the dead and forcing Senators and Representatives to look at each one.

Harris is currently running to fill the Senate seat that Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is vacating.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Harris was asked how familiar she is with guns–whether “she has shot a gun before or if she hunts.” Harris reportedly struggled to answer the question before finally saying she has shot a pistol and is “a good marksman.”

She refused to answer further questions regarding her familiarity with firearms.

In lamenting Washington DC’s failure to pass gun control in April 2013, Harris suggested the autopsy photos of Sandy Hook schoolchildren should have been used to shame lawmakers into supporting gun control. She said, “They should have closed the chambers of Congress, on the House and the Senate side, and said all you members go in there, only you, and spread out the autopsy photos of those babies and require them to look at those photographs. And then vote your conscience.”

Harris did not say whether autopsy photos of the legions of innocents who have died in heavily gun controlled cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and NYC should be spread before the respective mayors of those cities in an effort to loosen gun laws so that law-abiding citizens can more easily acquire firearms with which to defend themselves.

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